Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Declaration of personal information protection

Hamax Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) considers it important to properly protect the personal information of all customers and those involved with the Company as a social responsibility, and based on the following policy, protects and manages personal information, Operation, and use.

Privacy Policy

Hamax Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) will appropriately handle and protect personal information obtained from customers based on this privacy policy.

1. Definition of personal information

Personal information is information that can be identified and verified as a specific individual as follows.

  • ●Name, address, occupation, telephone number, fax number, e-mail address, etc.
  • ●Also, although it is not possible to identify with that information alone, it can be easily collated with other information, and includes information that can identify a specific individual by this collation.

2. Purpose of use /collection of personal information

We use your personal information to ship products, provide related after-sales services, and inform you about new products and services. In providing the customer with personal information, the Company shall always specify the purpose of use and provide it on the customer’s will in principle. Without your consent, we will not use your personal information for any purpose other than that provided.

3. Provision of personal information to third parties

Personal information provided by customers will not be disclosed to any third parties, except in the following cases.

  • ●When obtaining consent from customers.
  • ●When disclosing in a state where the customer cannot be identified (statistical data, etc.).
  • ●When it is deemed necessary based on laws and regulations.

4. Management of personal information

We take great care in handling your personal information, prevent unauthorized access, leakage, loss, damage, and falsification, and implement strict security measures.

5. Disclosure, correction, suspension of use of personal information, etc.

When requesting disclosure, correction, suspension of use, etc. of the customer’s personal information provided to us based on the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, we were able to confirm that the communication was by ourselves. In such cases, we will conduct the necessary investigations without delay and disclose, correct, suspend use, etc. within a reasonable period of time.

6. Compliance with related laws

We comply with laws and regulations and other standards regarding the protection of personal information.

7. Continuous improvement

In order to properly manage personal information, we will keep track of changes in laws, regulations and information technology, constantly review the management system and promote continuous improvement.

8. Change of basic policy

The content of this basic policy may be reviewed and improved as necessary. The revised content will be replaced by always posting the latest content on this website.

Contact information

If you believe that we do not comply with this privacy policy, or if you have any inquiries regarding our personal information, please contact us.

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