Trust It contributes to society.

Since 1931, we have been accumulated “Trust” every year with our motto
“Bring the reliable products to customers”.
We will work with cutstomers to contribute to the creaton of sustainable society.

Product list

Power Generation

Power Generation Image1 Power Generation Image2 Power Generation Image3 Power Generation Image4 Power Generation Image5

Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy Image1 Renewable Energy Image2 Renewable Energy Image3 Renewable Energy Image4 Renewable Energy Image5 Renewable Energy Image6

Industrial Machinery

Industrial Machinery Image1 Industrial Machinery Image2 Industrial Machinery Image3 Industrial Machinery Image4 Industrial Machinery Image5

Ship Diesel Engine

Ship Diesel Engine Image1 Ship Diesel Engine Image2 Ship Diesel Engine Image3 Ship Diesel Engine Image4 Ship Diesel Engine Image5 Ship Diesel Engine Image6


Shipbuilding Image1 Shipbuilding Image2 Shipbuilding Image3 Shipbuilding Image4 Shipbuilding Image5 Shipbuilding Image6

Bridge and Construction

Bridge and Construction Image1 Bridge and Construction Image2 Bridge and Construction Image3 Bridge and Construction Image4 Bridge and Construction Image5 Bridge and Construction Image6
Co-creation It creates value
We create the deep value from our new concepts
and many years of our own technologies.
we establish the production system,
meeting with customer needs and flexibly dealing with requirments.