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<To achieve long-life thread rolling bolt>

“Why is it fractured?”
Start of a research for Long-Life
thread rolling bolt.

Analysis of rolling data
by quantifying
long term experiences.

Verifying optimum rolling
condition such as stress
and strain by FEM analysis
on the rolling process

Inspection of the existence of
defects which causes fracture
by cutting the screw after

Verifying the life span of bolt
by a demonstrative experiment
with own fatigue testing machine.

<Advantages of rolling bolt>

Improvement of fatigue strength
and fatigue life
by continuous metal flow and
residual compressive stress.

Reduction of material costs
by using smaller size of
raw materials than
cutting thread bolt.

Higher product quality
with smooth surface
without burrs.
we establish the production system,
meeting with customer needs and flexibly dealing with requirments.
We engage in manufacturing seriously
and deliver genuine products.